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The Senate is one of the leading bodies of the University, with 27 members. Its President is the Rector.

The ex officio members of the Senate are: the Rector, the Chancellor, the Vice-Rectors, the Deans, and the Head of the Corvinus Doctoral Council. It also has elected and delegated members.

Area of responsibility:

  • Determines the educational and research tasks of the University, by hearing and discussing the Vice-Rectors’ annual report supervises their implementation.
  • Reviews the Rules of Organization and Operation, the Institutional Development plan and all institutional strategies.
  • Consolidates the educational programmes.
  • In agreement with the Presidential Committee decides upon commencing, terminating educational programmes, or initiating such action toward those concerned according to the following:
  • In agreement with the Presidential Committee, decides upon opening and closing a doctoral school.
  • Proposes content for the call for applications for Rector’s scholarships, assesses such applications.
  • Reviews the Rector’s executive activities, including hearing the Rector’s annual report.
  • Decides upon initiating the discharge of the Rector.
  • Reviews applications for university dean, professor, senior research fellow, scientific advisor, research professor positions as proposed by the Rector.
  • Reviews, and when necessary, shortlists applications for academic leadership positions as proposed by the Rector.
  • Elects members of the University Doctoral Council.
  • Decides upon initiating court procedures against any action of the University’s controlling body, requesting judgement that the it violates the university’s independence secured by the National Higher Education Act.
  • Determines the system of student consultancy.
  • Determines the system of student evaluation of the teaching staff’s work.
  • Decides upon founding and granting titles and awards.
  • Decides upon setting up a Senate committee.
  • Determines its own rules of practice.

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