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Short video tutorials about GDX-database

Introduction to GlobalData Explorer

A quick Introduction to GDX and what all we offer.

GDX Core Navigation

This video will be focused on the new and extended content Explorer gives your academic institution, whether you are looking to build courses, lesson plan, understand the hottest jobs in disruptive themes and sectors, what the biggest companies are talking about in their public filings, & the host of market data available across 22 sectors.
Content: Job Analytics, Company Filings, Social media analytics, Market Analyzers

Above and Beyond Data

This video will offer you the chance to set yourself up for success using our New offering GlobalData Explorer. Offering cross-sector industry data and analysis, users can explore, track, and compare industries, economies, and companies all on one platform. GlobalData Explorer is a fully integrated cross-sector tool that helps you confidently navigate and assess top line sector data and intelligence across 22 global industries, giving you consistent and comparable insights for your research objectives.

Company Filing Analytics

Uncover overarching company sentiment and underlying trends hidden in vast amounts of financial and non-financial data available in company filings and transcripts.


Product Launch Analytics

Easily search our database of the most innovative product launches across categories and geographies. Use this to understand which products are both on-trend and which highlight the direction of future innovation.

Market Analyzer

Explore, analyze and visualize data across multiple dimensions such as sector, category, and geography. A single platform that provides data at the macroeconomic, industry and company level.


Global Ads

Access real-time monitoring of latest competitive advertising and communications from leading brands, including paid content from television and print media, and brand-owned communications from social media channels including YouTube, Facebook and Weibo


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