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Hungarian Scientific Bibliography Database (MTMT) at Corvinus University, Budapest

Regulations on the records of scholarly publication activities

The new MTMT uploading system

Based on the Provisions of the Rector 3/2020 (X.6) on the Records of scholarly publication activities at Corvinus University of Budapest, from now on, the Research Support Librarians assigned by the Library will perform the data upload of publications that can be considered from the aspect of scientific achievement and their up-to-date record in the MTMT database.

The Provisions cover the publications of the following colleagues and authors:

  • lecturers and researchers currently in employment relationship with the University, who have declared in writing that they can be taken into account at the University when considering the existence of the operating conditions of the institution (T1 submission)
  • professor emeriti/emeritae
  • doctoral students and doctoral candidates
  • individuals who make a contract with the University for publication activities.

We ask the authors to submit their data upload requests by filling in the relevant form available on the Library’s website. The same form makes it possible for our lectureres to ask for checking their full publication (scientific, educational) list in MTMT. Since checking a complete publication list is rather meticulous and time-consuming, requires regular arrangement between you and the librarian, please let enough time (3-4 weeks) for our librarians to complete this work.

We can provide information and help regarding publications and MTMT-related questions via our usual channels of email and phone.

The Rector’s Provisions define the librarian’s task as the following: making entries of scholarly, educational books, book chapters, journal articles, research reports. This does not apply to abstracts, regardless of what MTMT category they fall into.
The librarian’s tasks do not include the uploading of data generating from works of public interest, popular science and non-classified nature, or the data of publications categorized as Other. To record these, the Library provides consultation sessions for the authors. At least once a year, librarians record into the MTMT the data of citing works referring to university publications, found in subscribed international bibliometric databases (Web of Science, Scopus). It is possible to request the recording of citing works collected from other, checked sources by filling in the relevant form. We offer regular training and consultation sessions for uploading by author.

We continuously work on the improvement of the new procedure of recording publications together with the lecturers’ community, taking into consideration bibliographical standards and ethical requirements. All remarks and suggestions are welcome and will be considered.

Please, turn to our staff with your problems and questions in person or via email:

Consultation opportunities, workshops

We offer group trainings  and personal consultations for our teaching staff. We look forward to seeing you at the following times:
MTMT workshop: Personal consultation – Application
Group consultation – Application

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