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Career Prospects

CEMS Corporate Partnership is an exclusive academic-corporate partnership based on Corporate Partners contributing to the Alliance and its MIM programme and benefitting from privileged access to CEMS students: a global pool of top talent from the world’s leading business schools.

CEMS has around 70 corporate partners, including Google, Facebook, Mastercard, Bayer and Coca-Cola HBC and the Hungarian MVM Group and MET Group.

Besides getting an excellent education, you must not miss CEMS’s exceptional annual event, the Career Forum. Every year, many companies participate in the CEMS Career Forum where you get the opportunity to meet with the representatives of more than 40 companies. This is an excellent shot for you to meet with the leadership of global companies and build your relationship network. The Career Forum helps you to lay down the basics of your professional career by being offered internship programs during your studies. With the help of this event, you can easily get into major companies and after graduation you will start your career with more chance of getting a full time job.

How do Corporate Partners interact with Students?

1. Selection
Corporate Partners influence the profile of the CEMS students entering the program by taking part in the selection process: they run interviews and lead Assessment Centres.

2. Skill Seminars
They develop CEMS students’ soft skills tailored to their company’s needs in the form of real-life business simulations and workshops varying from 4 hours to 2 days in length.

3. Business Projects
They provide a real-life business problem, which students have to work on in groups, for 12 weeks in 15 hours a week. The project work ends with a final presentation of the study with concrete solutions to the problem raised.

4. Recruitment
Corporate Partners regularly offer internships or job opportunities, which are communicated via the CEMS mailing list.

CEMS Corporate Partners of Corvinus

MVM Group

MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd. joined the CEMS Alliance in 2015. They held a skill seminar for 21 highly selected CEMS students within the frame of the V4 Conference in April 2016. The topics of the seminar were “Digital disruption in a competitive retail environment: How does a sales-driven enterprise architecture look like?” and “Disruptive innovation in the energy sector”.
What does the CEMS program mean for the company?

The CEMS program means a unique opportunity for MVM Group, a possibility to participate in a high-prestige business academic program as a sponsor. This can improve on one hand the employer brand of the group and on the other hand it can ensure access to a highly selected, outperforming student group and can open possibilities for future cooperation with the students after their graduation.

What kind of values and skills does MVM Group seek from the students?

MVM Group is looking for the core values of the company, which have determined the corporate life for decades: security, excellence and responsibility. Besides these, MVM Group keeps pace with the continuous development processes – therefore it also determines those values in its strategy that are barely associated with companies of this size, however they have important meaning nowadays. These are agility, innovation and customer-centric way of thinking.

What are the newest trends applicants have to be aware of?

As also the topics of the skill seminar reflect, MVM Group has to put bigger and bigger emphasis on the disruptors: on those competitors who are possessing business models based on new technologies, who are entering the market beside the traditional players, while “disrupting” the current market mechanism. MVM Group considers it extremely important that future employees should be able to answer these challenges in an efficient way.

Which added values provide access to foreign students for the company?

A company that grew big in the Hungarian market and is mainly active in this local market, has to face diverse challenges in the globalizing world. This requires a new way of thinking and the international students can contribute to this with their important remarks. The next challenge for MVM Group is the conquest of the international markets; therefore, the experiences and the diverse background of the students are inevitable.

Why could MVM Group be an ideal company for a freshly graduated CEMS student?

MVM Group is one of the biggest corporate groups of Hungary based on both net sales and the number of employees. At its own market it plays a dominant role, it is active in every segment, whether it is about electricity, natural gases, energy generation, transport or trade, but it is also present in the field of innovative technology or renewable energy. For those who are interested in the energy market, MVM Group can ensure a huge knowledge basis. At the same time, it can provide various challenges in other fields as well, such as the fields of IT, telco or financial services. MVM Group is also active in markets where it is not a market leader yet, but based on its strategy it strives to achieve the pole position. MVM Group would like to take the lead on the development of the energetic technologies and on the support of the energetic innovation.

Which are the typical positions MVM Group can offer to fresh graduates?

Beyond the classical corporate functions (e.g. finance, marketing, treasury) students can acquire also deeper energetic competences through the entire energetic supply chains (e.g. production, logistic, trade).

Interview made by Renáta Fehér and Dávid Csik in September 2016.


MET Group

MET Group is a multi-commodity wholesale and trading company headquartered in Switzerland with activity in natural gas, power, oil and power generation. MET is currently undergoing a fast expansion in Europe via mergers and acquisitions and greenfield investments. MET Group is represented in 14 European countries, with 1700 permanent staff in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

How can MET benefit from the connection with CEMS?

MET Group HR policy is to develop its managers internally and to identify high potentials to provide human resources for both existing entities and new subsidiaries, which is rather a complex challenge. MET has high expectations and requires talented graduates with excellent language skills; besides high level of English, other European languages are an asset. CEMS students on average seem to outperform their peers in skills such as analytical and logical skills, ability to solve problems in groups as well as independent working attitude – skills appreciated by MET. Consequently the alliance of CEMS and MET seemed to be a fit from the very beginning and we do consider this cooperation as an integral part of our HR strategy.

How can MET contribute to the development of graduates?

Acquiring and retaining talents is unquestionably one of the biggest HR challenges at MET. As far as the ideal student profile, we highly value extracurricular activities, such as case study competitions and being member of additional educational platforms, like colleges for advanced studies. MET provides a Talent Development Program that accelerates the career steps of our most talented employees. The focus of the program is developing cross-functionality by rotating participants among several business areas in different countries semi-annually. The program is completed by soft skills trainings.

Which are the typical positions that MET can offer to fresh graduates?

Business Development Analyst is probably the most common graduate position requiring outstanding numerical skills, logical thinking and synthesizing skills. In this role you are responsible for supporting business development activity including comprehensive market, competitor and new market entry analysis. Wholesale and pricing activities provide also a large overview of our energy trading activity and serve as a solid basis for developing both your hard and soft skills, becoming an accomplished energy professional.

MET endeavors to continuously provide professional courses indispensable for professional career development and personal career growth, such as IFRS, ACCA or CFA courses. We offer large scale skills development programs for our employees to achieve their career goals and short-term placements in our headquarters in Switzerland to facilitate efficient knowledge transfer from one part of the organization to another.

We also encourage you to contact us for consulting in writing master thesis. Our managers have remarkable experiences and projects to share with you.

Biggest challenge in Hungary

We realize that graduates are less familiar with energy sector in Hungary and therefore we have to make more efforts to be attractive. Probably it is rather difficult for students to recognize how energy sector can be innovative. Nevertheless the energy sector is a highly competitive and turbulent business in Europe facing sustained growth in energy demand and extensive liberalization of the markets. As a CEMS Global Corporate Partner, MET takes part in various CEMS activities: we are present at the Career Forum, use CEMS Job Market to post vacancies, offer internships, we held a Skills Seminar at St. Gallen University, and managed a successful Business Case with Corvinus University this year. We are committed to be active in CEMS MIM Curriculum Involvement and enhance our corporate image among students. You are all welcome at our coming events! We also invite you to visit our website.

Interview made by Renáta Fehér and Dávid Csik in September 2016.


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