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Tuition Fees

Free movers pay the tuition independently. To determine the cost of each course, please first check the level of the course (bachelor or master) and the number of ECTS credits. The tuition fee will be calculated based on the number of ECTS the Free-mover student completes in the semester. Our courses consist of 3-4- 5 or mostly 6 ECTS’.

Free-mover students must pay a 2 ECTS preliminary payment fee before the final course registration period (these are the initial two weeks of the semester) which will enable them to add or drop courses during this period. The final invoice with the remaining credits will be calculated and invoiced after the end of the registration period, approximately in the 3rd week of the semester.

For further details on the fees please download the PDF file.

Tuition Fees for Free-mover students 2020 Fall
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