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Practical Matters

The student’s home university may already have an Erasmus partnership orother agreement with Corvinus University of Budapest. This means that thestudent can be nominated through the partnership program (e.g:Erasmus) however,they can freely apply as a Free-mover student too. We do not recommend sendingin applications via both channels, our free-mover applicants mostly opt for this option as Erasmusplaces have often limited number of seats available or we do not have anpartnerhsip agreement with their home university.

In case the applicant’s home university is in the Unites States pleasecheck if the institute has a partnerhsip agreement with Corvinus University aspart of its Study Abroad program.

See the list of our partner institutions below.

List of Partner Institutons- Africa
List of Partner Institutons- Americas
List of Partner Institutons- Asia
List of Partner Institutons- Europe
List of Partner Institutons- Australia and New Zealand

Freemover students areresponsible for following the regulations of their own home universities withregards to study abroad and credit acceptance. Before committing to asemester at Corvinus, freemovers should first confirm with their homeuniversities that their credits earned at Corvinus will be accepted at theirhome universities.

The downloadable files below contain a simple list of the core and elective courses currently offered in English by Corvinus University in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Please note that the course list is regularly updated and it is subject to change.
Freemover: Course list of 2021
Please find below the Academic Calendar for Spring 2021. This schedule remains subject to change according to any government ruling due to the COVID-19 situation.
Freemover: Academic Calendar 2021

All academic and administrative regulations apply to visiting studentswhile they are studying at Corvinus. Please see  below.

Act CCIV of 2011 on Higher Education
Cheating and Plagiarism
Classroom Etiquette
What is Plagiarism
Power of Attorney
Study and Exam Regulation
Student’s Legal Status

Freemover students arealso expected to have appropriate health and liability insurance during theirstudies. Please read details below.

Student Health Insurance Liability

Non-degreestudents receive the temporary student ID paper for their time at Corvinusduring the Orientation week.You must renew it at your coordinator’s office asit is only valid for 60 days. It is the students responsibility to renew the IDcard at the due date.

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