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Study Abroad introduction

CORVINUS’s STUDY ABROAD Program’s goal is to provide an opportunity to students to spend a semester or more in Budapest to further expand their international experience. The program works closely with 15 partner universities and education providers from the US and Germany to facilitate students to study at Corvinus. Ever since the first year of the program in 1990 hundreds of satisfiedstudents have benefited from theacademic excellence of Corvinus andalso the unique experience of living andstudying in Budapest. 

IN THE HEART OF EUROPE, Budapest is theperfect location for easy access to the rest of theEuropean capitals, offering an exciting opportunityfor students to discover other European cities onlong weekends. Located in Central Europe, Budapest is astunning city filled with a variety of activities forall interests; from discovering historical sites tovisiting ruin pubs along the way, Budapest notonly offers a cultural mosaic to all those who visit,but also a great culinary experience for food andwine connoisseurs.

It is no wonder that Budapest is known to bethe “Paris of the East” as well as a hidden gemwithin Europe. Indeed you will find yourself notonly mesmerized by the unique charm which thiscity holds, but also expand your knowledge ofHungary’s more than 1000 year old history whichhas shaped this country in the very heart of Europe.We welcome you to explore Budapest andtake part in an opportunity of a lifetime!

Corvinus’s dedicated administrative andacademic staff are there to support student success and academic progress. Theiraim is to facilitate intercultural communication and understanding and to foster students in their personal and professional development. Corvinus’s international academic staff are specialists in the given discipline, equipped with the necessary academic and practical knowledge.

Further information on Corvinus’s Study Abroad program:

  • Duration: (from Spring 2019) 12 weeks + 1 intensive week
  • Travel hub of Central Europe
  • Housing within walking distance
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Guidance & support throughout entier semester
  • Students & Profs from 30+ countries
  • International recognition & accreditations
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