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Academic Information

Students can choose from a wide range ofcourses from the fields of accunting, business, economics, finance, management,international economics, opereations management, history, informationtechnology, sociology and political scence.

Most of our courses compound of Theoretical and Practical sessions which can be structured in different ways. Theoretical sessions (denoted with E) = lecture:it can be bigger and can take place in a big auditorium. In this case theleacturer mainly talks about the material. There is less interactive exercisesin class.

Practical session (denoted with G)= seminar: it takesplace in a normal class size (can vary from 14-30 persons). These classes aremore interactive and have more practical exercises and sharing. 

The majority of courses generally worth 6ECTS ( with a few exceptions of 4 or 5 credits). Our Sudy Abroad students complete between 24 or 30 ECTS, in other words 4 or 5 courses per semester. 

You will find further information on the current course list and the individual syllabi in the next section.

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