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Teacher Training and Digital Learning Centre

Éva Bodnár

Dr.Éva Bodnár has been a lecturer and associate professor at the Institute ofBehavioural Sciences at Corvinus University since 2001, and has been staffmember and director of the Teacher Training Centre since 2009 She received herPhD at the University of Pécs, for the study of the relationship betweene-learning and cognitive style. E-learning has remained one of her fields ofresearch to date.
Éva Bodnár has beenthe Director of the Teacher Training Centre and its successor institutionssince 2011, and is the head of the Teacher Training and Digital Learning Centrefrom 2020. Her responsibilities also include the development and maintenance ofe-learning curricula, the development and implementation of a universitye-learning strategy, the organisation of further training and the management ofuniversity methodological renewal programmes.


Dr. Bodnár Éva Rektori Szervezet / Kompetenciaközpontok / Tanárképző és Digitális Tanulási Központ / Tanárképző és Oktatás-módszertani Csoport (TOMI)
Egyetemi docens, Igazgató / Associate Professor, Director
C épület, 507
Phone: +36 1 482 7169 • Ext: 7169
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