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Establishing the inner organisational structure of the University ensures the professional, efficient and economic performance of basic educational and scientific research tasks, the related additional and service tasks and the functional tasks ensuring operation. Therefore, the University has educational and scientific research, service (and competence centres) and functional organisational units.

The University is represented by the Rector, the President and the Chancellor, according to their respective scope of powers. The governing bodies of the University are the following: Senate, Presidency, University Doctoral Council, Senate Committees.

The scope of powers of the Senate include, among others, determining the educational and research tasks of the University, and monitoring their performance.

Since 1 July 2019, the operator of the Corvinus University of Budapest has been the Maecenas Universitatis Corvini Foundation. The operator carries out its tasks related to the operation of the University in cooperation with the University and its citizens, especially with the University’s Senate and other committees.

Senior management of the Corvinus University of Budapest

Dr. Anthony Radev Elnöki Szervezet
Elnök / President
E épület
Prof. Dr. Takáts Előd Rektori Szervezet
Rektor / Rector
Dr. Domahidi Ákos Kancellári Szervezet / Kancellári Titkárság
Kancellár / Chancellor
E épület, 299
Phone: +36 1 482 5595 • Ext: 5595
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