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Operational regulation

KGIDI_Operational Regulations 2020


KGIDI_Curriculum 2020

Comprehensive exam

The comprehensive examination is taken at the end of the study and research phase (furthermore, doctoral degree acquisition through individual preparation is subject to completing this examination). The examination comprises a theoretical-methodological part and dissertation. The main rules relating to comprehensive examination are set out in the EDSZ. Details relating to the above are provided by the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Informatics as follows.

– Upon proposal of the Track Directors the Council of Doctoral School is to recommend to the University Doctoral Council an examination committee of minimum three members for each programme based on the number of candidates. Each committee is to include at least one external member. The supervisors will not be permitted to join the examination committees. The Track Directors may also appoint doctoral candidates with a final certificate but no doctoral degree to perform secretarial duties (without voting right).

– Each committee should be responsible for examining maximum eight candidates.

– TheTrack Directors are to compile minimum two topics per candidate for the theoretical-methodological part of the examination with the involvement of the supervisors. The deadline for the above is 31 March.

– The deadline for submitting the research plan for the dissertation phase of the examination is 24 May.- The competent librarian of the University must verify the information recorded in the MTMT database prior to the examination. Each candidate is to authenticate and sign the relevant list. The printed list of publications must be attached to the examination report.

– In the theoretical part of the comprehensive examination the theoretical/methodological competence of each doctoral student is tested orally in relation to his/her research subject. In the theoretical part each candidate is to present the methodological background of his/her dissertation and to prove competence in the researched subject in the context of the particular discipline.

– In the dissertation phase the candidate is to present his/her past work and results, as well as the remaining tasks and the expected results. This part of the examination is public, but questions are permitted only from the members ofthe examination committees. The supervisors are expected to take part in the dissertation phase.

– The examination committees evaluate both parts of the examinations according to the rules of the EDSZ and notify the candidates immediately.


Conference participation grants

The Doctoral School of Economics and Business Informatics aims to support the participation of its students in:

a) competitive conferences organised abroad (for providers of lecture/review only, eligible costs: travel, accommodation, registration fee, primarily within Europe);

b) summer/winter university courses abroad;

c) conferences organised in Hungary (lecture/review, eligible costs: travel, accommodation, registration fee);

Regulation of conference participation grants:

Students must submit an application if they wish to participate in conferences using the financial support of the Doctoral School.

The application form will be submitted by the students after the signature of the supervisor, together with the necessary attachments (during the coronavirus pandemic, the application must be sent to the coordinator of the Doctoral School via e-mail).

Required attachments:

 * the preliminary budget plan provided by the public procurement office of the University

 * call for papers (conference program)

 * abstract and its acceptance letter

Applications must be evaluated in advance by a committee of at least two members (the head of the doctoral school and the program director) and the decision on the grant and its amount must be made considering the doctoral school’s available financial resources.

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the conference.

As per the restrictions imposed by the University due to the COVID-19 pandemic, support is currently only available for online conferences.

KGIDI_conference application form

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