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Comprehensive Exam Information
Comprehensive Exam Application Form

Students’ performance in the different subjects is evaluated in every case, disregarding the form of training applied in the given subject (i.e. in the case of individual reading programmes supervised by a consultant, and also in the case of a series of lectures and seminars). The conditions for assessment may vary by subject and the applied form of training. In the case of each course, performance is normally evaluated by using a three-grade scale (excellent, passed, failed). 

At the end of each year, the head of the programme decides on the basis of the students’ overall results (if in doubt, by seeking the opinion of the Doctoral School Council) whether students can continue their studies.

Doctoral students may participate in part-time training abroad in the second year at the earliest. Doctoral students who have not obtained the required number of credits must complete the courses abroad during their foreign study visit based on prior consultation with the Head of the Doctoral School and in agreement with the head of the specialization and the consultant. In any other case, they must postpone their studies by one year.

Applying for the complex examination is subject to completing 120 credits and fulfilling the obligations relating to the knowledge of languages. Section 24 of the Doctoral Rules contains the general obligations relating to the knowledge of languages. As a second language, the Doctoral School of Economics accepts all languages at any level, in which an official state language examination can be taken. The detailed rules relating to the complex examination are set out in Section 27 of the Doctoral Rules of the University Doctoral Council. Further specific rules determined by the Doctoral School of Economics:

The complex examination consists of 2 parts: 

a) a theoretical and 

b) a dissertation part (see Section 27 of the Doctoral Rules).

ad a) In the theoretical part questions are asked in connection with issues and problems that can be answered and analysed in the knowledge of the subjects of micro- and macroeconomics included in the PhD programme and the most important methodological (econometric) skills used with them. 

The theoretical examination has two components:

(1) Written classroom test, where two problems must be solved.

(2) Oral examination, where comprehensive issues relating to the compulsory subjects must be analysed.

ad b) The Head of the Doctoral School preliminarily designates a rapporteur for every student from the members of the complex examination committee, and the rapporteur asks questions from the candidate on the basis of the 25-30 page essay submitted by the candidate.

Those taking part in organized training commence their research work with the assistance of their consultant already in the study phase. In the application documents the candidates must determine their research topic and consultant, and the consultants must declare that they undertake to be consultants. The candidates and their consultants have a high degree of freedom in choosing and specifying the research topic. The Head of the Doctoral School is entitled to reject the consultant and find another consultant in agreement with the student, provided that the student is admitted.

The tasks of the consultants and the relationship between the doctoral students and the consultants are described in detail in the Doctoral Rules of Corvinus University of Budapest (Sections 16-19). It is the responsibility of the consultant to guide, supervise and assist the candidate’s research work starting by establishing the research plan, and to maintain a working relationship with the candidate according to a jointly accepted timetable, to ask the candidate to report on the progress of his/her research work, any issues or difficulties encountered and how they are handled.

Publication requirements and credit system (starting from 2019)

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