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Business Informatics Doctoral Program

There are many business and economic research challenges that are being addressed using IT tools. The major sub-disciplines of business informatics in the enterprise architecture approach touch all the value-creating activities of IT. These include the mapping of business logic, the design and implementation of IT systems, the management of information systems, including data and knowledge management, the regulatory issues of the information society, and the research and development of intelligent solutions for the application areas. Our main research focus is on the potential applications of innovative information and communication technologies and the research challenges of data management. 

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Why the Business Informatics Doctoral Program​?

The Doctoral Program focuses on enhancing the participantsskills in continuous learning and the constructive development of their knowledge, thus training professionals capable of independent research. Through the acquisition of modern IT and computer science approach and methodology, our graduates are able to perform complex economic analyses and forecasts, teaching and research. The educational and research topics of the Doctoral Program belong to the field of business informatics; there are numerous business and economic research challenges that can be examined through ICT tools and its backgrounds. Within the business architecture aspect, the areas of business informatics are connected to all of the value creating of IT. The educational and research areas of the program were developed accordingly. The Doctoral Program has five specialization areas: information management and business informatics, data analysis and modelling, economic– and social statistics, media and information regulation and future studies. The Business Informatics Doctoral Program operates in a very rapidly developing interdisciplinary field from 2009. The popularity of the MSc and BSc in business informatics is unbroken and the number of potential students increase from year to year (68 students started to learn in our school so far). We strengthened the international character of our program recently. Since 2014, we have foreign students from various countries, like Germany, Kosovo, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Romania. The courses and the research topics are available in foreign languages as well (especially in English). The instructors and the supervisors have extensive international network, which supports the international cooperation of the students and strengthen their international relations (e.g. Marie Curie program, Erasmus Programs). We have developed strategic relationships with national and international organizations in the field of business informatics: NJSZT (John von Neumann Computer Society), Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungarian CIO Association, ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing). We collaborate with companies and software firms, e.g. SAP, Microsoft as well. The Doctoral Program has research cooperation with University of Ljubljana, UBT Koszovo and Chiang Mai University. We have PhD student exchange program with these universities as well. 


The application criteria as well as the general rules of the admission procedure are listed in Section 15 of the University Doctoral Regulations, which is available here.

The list of documents to be submitted is available here!

Please look for the file „Regulation on Doctoral Studies_2022_09

The admission decision is based on the preliminary evaluation of the submitted application materials and the result of the oral exam.

Main evaluation criteria of the submitted materials: examination grades of the subjects within the scope of the given discipline, the topic and evaluation of the degree thesis, the scientific activity (e.g. Student’s Scholarly Circles), maturity of the research proposal. 
Requirements of the research plan:

• Content:

Aims and objectives 
– The relevance of the topic, a review of the related literature 
Outlines of the planned research: problem statement, the applicant’s approach and methodology timeline and feasibility 

Length: 10-15 pages (bibliography included)

The oral exam is held to evaluate the applicant’s intellectual capacity and suitability for scientific work. In addition, if the candidate does not have an English language certificate, the committee will check the candidate’s English language skills during the oral interview as well.

In the 2023 admission period, the oral exam will take place via microsoft teams.

Scoring rules:

• Past professional achievements, former research activity, individual accomplishments, qualifications: maximum 40 points 
• Written research plan and motivation letter: maximum 20 points 
• Oral part: maximum 40 points.

The Admission Committee reviews the results and formulates its proposal for the University Doctoral Council, ensuring an appropriate number of applicants for each programme.

We plan to enroll 5-10 people per year in the Doctoral Program in Economics. 
We plan to enroll 8-15 people per year in the Doctoral Program in Business Informatics.


  • Barna Bakó 
  • Zsolt György Balogh 
  • Zsolt Bihary 
  • Ildikó Borbásné Szabó
  • Dávid Burka 
  • Csaba Csáki 
  • Ilona Cserháti 
  • Péter Csóka 
  • Péter Fehér 
  • Eszter Fodor Szabina 
  • András Gábor 
  • Éva Hideg 
  • Tibor Keresztély 
  • Erzsébet Kovács  
  • Tibor Kovács 
  • Andrea Kő 
  • Blanka Klára Láng 
  • Péter Racskó  
  • Petra Renáta Rigó 
  • Dávid Zoltán Szabó 
  • Zoltán Szabó 
  • Katalin Ternai  
  • Réka Franciska Vas  
  • Prof. Gyula Vastag  
  • Péter Vékás   
  • Gábor Nick, PhD, MTA SZTAKI, EPIC Innolabs Kft.
  • József Váncza , CSc, MTA SZTAKI

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