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Recognition of scientific degrees

Recognition of a scientific degree acquired abroad 
(1) The recognition of scientific degrees attested by foreign certificates will only be processed by the University if the discipline the PhD was acquired at an accredited counterpart and a DS at the University. 

(2) UDC approves of the recognition of a foreign certificate as a university doctoral degree (PhD), provided: a) that the certificate was issued by a foreign institution of higher education which is entitled for issuing scientific degrees according to the laws of the respective foreign nation b) that the requirements of acquiring the scientific degree are equivalent – or can be made equivalent by prescribing a fulfilment of supplementary requirements – to the requirements discussed in the doctoral regulations of the university. Among these requirements the successful completion of the complex examination and defense of the dissertation are particularly important. 

(3) A request for recognition is to be submitted at the relevant Doctoral Office of the University, addressed to the head of UDC, with the required equivalent University MSc certificate and the foreign PhD certificate attached and the document attesting to the awarding of the foreign scientific degree (if it is not in the English, German, Or French languages) than its certified Hungarian translation. The fee of the recognition procedure is indicated in Annex 10 of the doctoral regulations. 1. Fee for recognition procedure of foreign scientific degree 45,000 HUF 

(4) The head of UDC has the request reviewed by the respective DS, and, with their opinion attached, sets it before UDC. UDC decides on recognition.

(5) UDC, in the resolution on the recognition of the foreign scientific degree, authorizes the applicant to use the doctoral title (PhD). 

The application must include the following documents: 

  • Request to the Chair of the University Doctoral Council, Prof. Zsolt Rostoványi 
  • Professional CV 
  • Copy of the Master Degree 
  • Copy of the PhD degree 
  • List of publications 
  • 5 of your best publications 
  • PhD Dissertation 
  • Copy of your passport/ID 
  • MTMT registration number

The fee for recognition procedure of foreign scientific degree: 45 000 HUF,

it must be transferred to the account of the University: Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem OTP 11784009-22229896-00000000

You must state in the comments section the following text: SDRSM0000K + name of the applicant

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