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Doctoral School of Business and Management

The Doctoral School of Business and Management offers training in the following fields of study related to management sciences: sustainability management, marketing, operations and decision making, financial management and accounting, management science.

The PhD program emphasizes the skills necessary to integrate different approaches and develop coherent and cutting-edge research. We provide a collaborative, supportive and intellectually stimulating research environment for the discovery and dissemination of scientific knowledge applicable to business.

We aim to create an active, high-quality national and international research environment environment as a framework for the development of all PhD students as researchers at the Corvinus University of Budapest. This helps our students to create new knowledge in their respective fields of research and to succeed after graduation either in a professional academic research career or in a professional career outside of academia, meaning in private firms or public institutions, where their sophisticated research skills are in high demand.

The founding members of the Doctoral School of Business and Management are Károly Balaton, Attila Chikán, Miklós Dobák, Mihály Gálik, Sándor Kerekes, Hajna Lőrincné Istvánffy, Miklós Marosi.

The PhD Program in Business and Management was established in 2000 and directed by József Kindler from its foundation until 2004, by Attila Chikán until 2006, by Károly Balaton until 2011, by Imre Fertő until 2014, by Tamás Mészáros until 2014, by Gábor Michalkó until 2023. Imre Fertő is the current program Director.


In the last 5 years, 76 students have graduated from the School. 53 percent of these students have gone into academic careers, 34 percent of them at Corvinus University of Budapest. 9 percent work in the domestic public sector, 29 percent in the domestic private sector and 9 percent in the foreign private sector.

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