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Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science

What study and research fields does the doctoral school cover?

Political science, economics.

What programmes/specialisations are there in the doctoral school?

world economy; international and security studies; geopolitics, environmental economics and sustainable development; political science

What topics can I research? Is there any restriction?

There is no specified restriction, the topic, however, must be relevant to the given field.

What is the language of the programme?


Do I have to research the topic with which I applied?

The topic can be changed in the course of the training upon the agreement of the supervisor and the track director.

What mandatory subjects do I have to study?

Subjects mandatory for everybody: Academic Writing, Research Design, Procpectus Seminar. Minimum two mandatory elective subjects shall be elected in every programme, however, the track directors may subscribe a subject mandatory for every doctoral student at their own discretion in a given case.
Minimum three and maximum five further subjects can be taken as freely elective in every programme. (It means that minimum eight and maximum ten subjects can be taken, for minimum 48 and maximum 60 credits.) 

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