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Doctoral School of Business and Management

What study and research fields does the doctoral school cover?

The Doctoral School of Business and Management strives for covering the research fields resulting from its name. With its 13 specialisations it is one of the largest doctoral schools of the country. Our programmes are open to the proposal of new topics, we try to cope as widely as possible and receive innovative ideas and topics timely. The ever-growing list of present supervisors, topic announcers is available at our website.

What programmes/specialisations are there in the doctoral school?

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Sustainability Management
  • Economic Ethics and Spirituality
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Accounting
  • Organisation and Management Theory
  • Productions and Operations Management
  • Tourism
  • Business Communication
  • Business and Corporate Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Behavioural and Decision Sciences   

What topics can I research? Is there any restriction?

Almost anything related to the listed specifications, upon the agreement of the mentor-supervisor.

What is the language of the programme?

The language of the programme is Hungarian, however, taking foreign students into account and in the light of internationalisation the majority of the classes will be in English language, therefore good command of English language is essential for the completion of the programme.

Do I have to research the topic with which I applied?

The topic will develop but as the application for admission within the Doctoral School is fundamentally for specification, the selection of a completely new topic is not favourable. Due to the shortness of the training period it is definitely recommended to apply with a well outlined research, which may also mean additional points during the assessment of the application, as a research proposal and an essay must be attached to the application, which is organic part of the points to be granted when the admission points are calculated, influencing thus the result of the application significantly.

What mandatory subjects do I have to study?

A total of 8 courses must be completed within the first 2 years, which means 2 courses per semester. The qualitative and quantitative methodological core subjects are mandatory for every student, and one of the two must be continued within the framework of the advanced course as mandatory elective subject, and the completion of another mandatory elective subject is expected – the School announces several very popular subjects per cross-semester. Additionally, the 2 subjects of the specialisation are mandatory. In addition to the specified mandatory subjects 2 freely elective subjects must also be completed as part of the programme for widening the horizon of the students.

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