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Doctoral School of Economics, Business and Informatics

What study and research fields does the doctoral school cover?

The main profile of the Economics Doctoral Programme is modern economics, however, the programme covers more. It also accepts students specialising in mathematical finance, operations research, agricultural economics and public policy analysis with in-depth economics theory and methodological knowledge wishing to perform research. Following the international practice of economics the educational structure and subject structure of the Economics Doctoral Programme include microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and statistics as well as mathematical economics and elements of mathematics.
Bigger subfields of business and informatics touch every value creating activity of IT in corporate architecture approach. Business logic mapping, IT system design and implementation, information system management including data and knowledge management, information society and its regulatory issues, research and development of intelligent solutions related to the fields of application all belong here. Our outstanding field of research is the field of the potential application of digital transformation, artificial intelligence and innovative infocommunications technologies, IT relevant issues of Industry 4.0 and the research challenges of data sciences and data management. 

What programmes/specialisations are there in the doctoral school?

There are two programmes in the Ds: economics and business informatics. The latter has two specialisations: business data analysis and modelling, and information management and business informatics specialisation

What topics can I research? Is there any restriction?

There is no restriction of the topics, the students can select from the topic announcements available at doktori.hu, however, if they do not find a topic suiting their interest they can make their own topic proposal.

What is the language of the programme?

The languages of the programme are Hungarian and English languages, due to the ever increasing percentage of foreign students, however, the use of English language is more prominent.

Do I have to research the topic with which I applied?

You can change the topic after admission, however the research topic must be finalised by the end of the first phase, the latest.

What mandatory subjects do I have to study?

In the course of the first two years minimum 8 subjects must be completed in DS, from them the following subjects are mandatory:
Economics programme:

  • Elements of mathematics (catch-up subject)
  • Advanced microeconomics
  • Advanced macroeconomics
  • Econometrics.

Business informatics programme:

  • Qualitative research methodology 1.
  • Quantitative research methodology 1.
  • Academic writing
  • Research methodology in the field of information systems 
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