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Everyone should be part of the change! – What to do on World Water Day 2023? 

2023-03-22 15:29:52

Since 1993, 22 March of each year has been World Water Day. In 2023, in connection with World Water Day, the United Nations focusses on the importance of individual action: ‘Be the change yourself and make the world a better place'

In our every-day life, we consume a lot of water, for bathing, showering, personal hygiene, cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning our homes, and we use products (e.g. paper, batteries) that were produced with the use of a lot of water. In Hungary, the average water consumption per capita is 38.2 m2 (i.e. 100 litres per day),1 but in Pest county and Budapest, the average value is three times as high, so there is room for individual action, but what should we do? 

On the United Nations website dedicated to World Water Day, in total ten actions are listed, and we can all do them individually to reduce water consumption, prevent water pollution and have more equitable access to water. On the website, we can choose the actions to which we wish to commit ourselves and to take for the protection of waters and sustainable water management. 

Although our individual contribution to the whole situation is small, the UN and the Danube Museum in Esztergom use the tale of the hummingbird to give us the strength to do whatever we can. 

One day, a fire broke out in the forest. All the animals were running for their lives. They stopped at the edge of the fire and watched the flames in alarm, unable to cope with them. Above their heads, a hummingbird was flying there and back, to the fire, without stopping. Larger animals were surprised and asked the hummingbird: what are you doing? I am flying to the lake to get some water and help put out the fire, said the little bird. The animals laughed at it and said: this is stupid, you cannot contain the flames on your own! The hummingbird answered: maybe not, but I do what I can. 

The hummingbird delivers the solution drop by drop. It is the change that will improve our environment. Let us all be hummingbirds! Our actions, however small they may be, could help the world! 

From the programmes and calls for applications related to World Water Day, the Danube Museum in Esztergom some, and the Duna-Ipoly National Park has also announced several programmes around Budapest for March 25 (Saturday). 

On the occasion of World Water Day, we at Corvinus will also focus on the protection of water we live on and the wetlands in March in the Topic of the Month project. We wrote about the way of protecting our waters from plastic by reducing our waste generation or by using one of the water supply points set up at the University, instead of disposable bottles. Saving water is also a consideration at the Corvinus, in the autumn, for example, perlators allowing us to save water were installed on the taps at the University. We will publish more articles in March about the protection of water, so it is worth following the Corvinus Green subpage, where all related articles will be available. 

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