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Calls under the Horizon Europe framework programme 2021-2027

The EU’s next research and innovation framework programme titled Horizon Europe started on 1 January 2021, offering a number of opportunities to the researchers of the University for working out high-prestige international projects from their research ideas. For the proper utilisation of the possibilities, it is necessary to know the approach and the structure of the programme, and to prepare with a thought-out strategy.

Horizon Europe is a large-scale and ambitious framework programme – with the highest budget so far (EUR 95.5 bn) – of the European Commission to support European research and innovation. The framework programme launched in May 2021 will publish several thousands of calls within 7 years, from 2021 to 2027, to support individual and consortium research and innovation projects.

It will be possible to participate in European research consortia, and to work on your own research idea under excellence calls. We can find the right types of calls for each phase of a research career, from doctoral students to experienced researchers.

In summer 2021, the calls of the Horizon Europe programme were presented in a 10-day series of lectures. On the information days, the individual programme packages and clusters were described in detail. You can access the lectures of the information days here:

Current calls can be accessed on the official tender site of the European Commission (Funding & Tenders), which is an electronic system for submitting applications and managing successful projects.

Watch the lecture on the use of the Funding & Tenders Portal here:

About the framework programme

The structure of the framework programme is built on three pillars:

I. Pillar Excellent Science: its objective is to strengthen the scientific excellence of the Union (bottom-up calls, basic researches)

II. Pillar Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness: the objective is to manage social challenges and support researches in the development of industrial technology (top-down calls, consortium co-operations)

III. Pillar Innovative Europe: the objective is to promote innovation 


Useful links and information

You can look at the calls announced by the European Commission on the Funding & Tenders Portal. Services available on this site:

  • Search for calls SEARCH FUNDING AND TENDERS (Clue: focus area/key word)
  • Search for calls CALLS (Clue: not only Horizon Europe)
  • Search for successful projects: HORIZON DASHBOARD
  • Applications for expert positions WORK AS AN EXPERT
  • Background documents, guides, FAQ, helpdesk
  • Prepare and submit application
  • Professional and financial report

Watch the lecture on the use of the Funding & Tenders Portal here:

Possibilities for the researchers of Corvinus in the Horizon Europe framework programme

The researchers of the University will have consultation possibilities in the topics of finding tenders, finding consortia, finding partners. You can ask for consultation at the horizon@uni-corvinus.hu email address. Our research support courses can also help you in your preparations for tenders. You will find more information about these under the above „Trainings for the researchers of the University” menu point.

Proposals for finding tender partners

The staff of Tender Project Management, if required, support researchers in finding the right consortium, finding tender partners, and provide information about tender partner finding events related to the subject. In addition, it is, of course, a good idea for the researchers to make inquiries on their own professional networks and to find tender partners there. 

Partner finding events at Search partners menu point.

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