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Frequently asked questions

When and how can I see the results?

The results of the examination can be viewed in the Result enquiry menu point of our website on the 30th day following the examination by entering the examination code.

When will I receive the certificate if the examination is successful?

Certificates can be received personally only at the places of examination specified during application or in the Exam Centre. Certificates will not be mailed. The student whose examination, for which he/she registered, is successful on the day of communicating the result (successful complex examination in the case of complex examination, successful written examination in the case of written examination, successful oral examination in the case of oral examination) will receive a notification from the Exam Centre or the place of examination by e-mail about information related to obtaining the certificate from the 3rd week after the communication of the result.
Examinee registering for complex examination, who can only obtain a certificate of written OR oral examination will receive a notification about information related to obtaining the certificate from the 3rd week following the termination of the review period.

Is the examination state-recognised?

Yes. CORVINUS language examinations can be used as full value language examinations for the application, the degree, language allowance and it is naturally accepted in the course of job applications.

From what age and who can register for CORVINUS language examination?

Pursuant to the Hungarian accreditation rules every person who completed 14 years of age in the calendar year of the registration can register for accredited/state-recognised language examination. It is important to know that a valid ID card, driving license or passport must be held to participate in the examination.

How can I register? How can I pay the examination fee?

You can register for the language examination at our website by clicking the ‘ONLINE REGISTRATION’ button. Examination fee can be paid by payment transfer until the registration deadline.

Can I register for oral examination or written examination only?

CORVINUS language examinations can be passed as complex examination but you can also register for oral examination or written examination only.

How can I receive an invoice of the payment?

Electronic invoice of the paid examination fee will automatically be issued, which the Finance Department of the University will send to the e-mail address provided during the registration in downloadable, printable format. You can request an invoice of examination fee paid before 1 September 2020 by the precise fill-in of the Invoice request form among ‘Documents’ at our website and by submitting it by e-mail (to

Can I get a certificate of the written or oral part of the examination only?

Yes. If the examinee registers for a complex (written and oral) examination, however the examination is only partly successful, we will issue an ‘oral’ or ‘written’ certificate. You can, of course, register for written or oral examination only, too. The precise conditions of the successful examination are in the Examination Rules.

Can the certificates of the two partial examinations be combined?

Pursuant to Government Decree 137/2008 (V.16.) oral and written examinations taken separately are equivalent to the complex examination in value, regardless of the time passed between the two examination parts. Upon request the Educational Authority will issue a certificate of the combination of the partial examinations. The above decree provisions the conditions of combining partial examinations of different levels or specialisations.

Is the examination recognised internationally?

Not a single language examination is ‘international’, which means that neither of them is recognised worldwide. In the majority of the counties every institution (university, company, etc.) makes its own decision about the type of language knowledge and/or certificate it requires. It is a key frame of reference in Europe if the level of a language examination (and the certificate) complies with the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Language’ (CEF). The levels of CORVINUS language examination (and the evaluation in the certificate) are established pursuant to this European Framework.

What do ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘B1’, ‘B2’, ‘C1’ stand for?

A, B, C letters were previously used to indicate the type of the examination, letter A stood for the oral, letter B for the written examination part, and letter C meant complex (oral and written) examination. The verification of language knowledge may be necessary for foreign studies or work, therefore in Hungary we switched to the internationally interpretable level specifications for the examination levels, where B1 is for the basic level B2 is for intermediate level and C1 is advanced level.

How can I withdraw my registration for examination?

You can withdraw your registration until the registration deadline of the given examination period. In this case you will be entitled to the repayment of the paid examination fee reduced by the effective administrative fee. Please send the form necessary for the withdrawal of the registration from examination to the e-mail address. The withdrawal is exclusively for the elected registration for examination in the given examination period, partial examination or postponed examination cannot be withdrawn. The withdrawal declaration cannot be withdrawn.

What are my options if I cannot attend the examination?

You can postpone the examination if you cannot attend the examination at the specified date, the date of which – for the effective examination period – will be published at the website. The postponement of the examination can be requested on the form serving this purpose with the payment transfer document verifying the payment of the postponement fee. Please send the postponement request with the payment transfer document (certificate) to the e-mail address. The postponed examination must be taken during the next examination period and postponement can be requested on one occasion only.

Can I postpone only one part of my examination if I registered for complex examination?

Yes. You will, of course, have to fill in the postponement form, pay the examination postponement fee and send all these to the e-mail address of our Exam Centre: in this case, too.

When will I be notified of the examination dates?

We will not send a separate notification of the examination dates! The examinee will have to inquire about the exact time and date of his/her own examination when the registration is activated with the code received by e-mail. The examinations will be held at previously published times and dates, of which you can receive information at our website and at the places of examination. The examination schedule will be published at our website on a previously announced date.

Can I use dictionaries at the examination?

Monolingual and bilingual printed dictionaries can be used at all three levels to complete the writing skills and reading comprehension tasks in the course of the general and economic special language monolingual written examinations. Dictionaries can be used for the writing skills and relay tasks in the course of the international relations special language examination.

Where and from what material can I prepare myself for the language examination?

40-hour preparatory courses will be available during the autumn and spring semesters (in 10-week and two-week arrangements) as necessary. The courses will be organised by Corvinus Foreign Language Teaching and Research Centre (room 535 floor V of Budapest IX., Közraktár utca 4-6.). You will find more information at our website under ‘Courses’.

Will the written and oral examinations be held on the same day or different days?

The examinees will take the written and oral examinations on separate days. The listening test can be on the day of the oral and written examination.

How is the listening (auditive) test carried out?

The listening (auditive) test is performed in rooms with CD player installed or in language laboratories at every place of examination at a date and in time specified by the Exam Centre. The examinee must arrive at the place of the listening test 30 minutes before the start of the examination. Examinees arriving late after the start of the examination cannot participate in the examination.

Time will be given to study the questions of the test before listening to the sound material. Two sound materials will be played at special language examinations and three sound materials will be played at general language examinations at all three levels (B1, B2. C1). The recordings can be listened to twice in a row and plenty of time will be given to write the answers after each listening. The sequence of the questions follows the text. 

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