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Közgáz SC and Students’ Sports Club (DSK)


We thank everyone for the support and we ask you that – if possible – offer 1% of your personal income tax to the Sport Club and the DSK. 
Name of the Beneficiary: Közgáz SC and Students’ Sports Club (DSK)
Address: H-1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
Tax number: 19805061-1-43
Please indicate your name, home address and tax identification number on the envelop accurately, since otherwise we cannot receive the amount offered.
Thank you: the athletes of KÖZGÁZ       


The Foundation for Healthy Economists (In Hungarian: Egészséges Közgazdászokért Alapítvány) 
You may support our foundation through your tax returns. Our goal is to provide opportunities for both university students and graduated economists to do as much sports as possible in order to preserve their health and improve their fitness.
If you have no other obligations, then please help our foundation in achieving its goals by offering 1% of your personal income tax. Thank you in advance for your help. 
Our tax number: 18065004-1-43   


Table tennis
Contact person: Gyula Borisza
Tel: 20 / 377-3155

Contact person: Zsolt Tuncsik
Tel: 20 / 313-5113

Corvinus Futsal
Contact person: László Nagy
Email: laszlo9913nagy@gmail.com

Women’s basketball
Contact person: Kata Németh
E-mail: kata.nemeth@uni-corvinus.hu
Website: http://kozgazbasketball.hu/

Men’s basketball
Contact person: Csaba Vladár
E-mail: csaba.vladar@uni-corvinus.hu
Website: http://kozgazbasketball.hu/

Contact person: Gábor Erdei
Tel: 30 / 343-6285

Women’s volleyball
Contact person: László Lestár
Email: parkroplabda@gmail.com
Website: http://kozgazvolley.hu/

Men’s volleyball
Contact person: Bence Ladányi
Email: ladanyibence92@gmail.com
Website: http://kozgazvolley.hu/

Students’ Sports Club (DSK)

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