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The purpose of CUSMAN (Central User Administration System) is to manage permissions to IT services in one interface. That makes it possible to use only a single ID-password pair to access the various services at Corvinus. If you are a new Corvinus citizen you can ask for your CUSMAN ID via e-CustomerService or with the help of an administrator within your organization.

CUSMAN Admininstration for students

  • To use the IT systems of the Corvinus University of Budapest (IT tools, university e-mails, e-learning systems, ect) you should have your central ID (CUSMAN ID) and password.
  • For students, Cusman ID is generated automatically when they are admitted at BCE and as such their Cusman ID is almost identical to their NEPTUN ID. (NEPTUN code is uppercase and the related CUSMAN code is lowercase)
  • Students do not need to apply for a CUSMAN ID because their data is automatically transferred from the NEPTUN system, but to have their password, they must follow the instructions they get from the university after being admitted.
  • To use WIFI you do not need VPN connection: Choose  CORNET-EAP  network and simply enter your CUSMAN ID and password to connect to wifi.

CUSMAN user management

  • To login to CUSMAN user interface click this link. (Visit cusman.uni-corvinus.hu)
  • Log in to change your password In case of a password problem (unsuccessful login, forgotten password, etc.) 
  • It is necessary to visit our office personally or write to ithelpdesk@uni-corvinus.hu In the user interface, rights and permissions to Corvinus IT systems and services as well as personal data belonging to the ID are listed.
  • It is also possible to set an e-mail forwarding address to your university e-mail address.

Administration related to the accounting sheet of the outgoing employee

The signatures related to the following settlement objects are provided by the Customer Service. The statement of the IT Center is attached to the accounting form of the outgoing employee. It is necessary to indicate the IT tools of the outgoing member and to provide for the e-mail address

  • Statement of IT Center – (“Move or resubmit an IT device in the name of an outgoing worker”) – to be completed by hand
  • Statement of IT Center – (“Move or resubmit an IT device in the name of an outgoing worker”) – to be completed on pc.
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