Széchenyi 2020
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About us

The Department of Communication and MediaScience is based on the Institute of Communication and Sociology, and the primaryfocus of its lecturers are the prosperous future and career paths of students.

Our main goal is to help students develop abetter coping mechanism in a professional environment that constantly changes.The purpose is to facilitate the proper management of their tasks withinnovative thinking and creativity, so that they can attain responsible andsignificant results.

Our education focuses on developing individualand institutional communication strategies, considering the expected challengesof both the current period and the next five decades.

Students who graduate at our University maybecome innovative and leading players in their profession with the verbal,visual and digital knowledge or the applied research methods and the complexproject portfolios they acquire during their studies.

The Department is responsible for offeringthe specialisations of the Communication and Media Science Faculty, and itprovides courses at three levels and in two languages. In the scientific fieldof Communication and Media Studies, we offer our students bachelor and master’sdegree programmes in English and Hungarian language, and a PhD programme at theDoctoral School of Social Communication.

The Department of Communication and MediaScience has an extensive research profile, for itconducts research in thefollowing topics: Visual and Virtual Rhetoric, Cognitive Linguistics, Framing,Elderly- and Youth Research, Science Communication, Digital Media, MediaAwareness, Virtual Reality and Communication, Future Skills etc.

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