Széchenyi 2020
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SupervisorTopic 1Topic 2Topic 3
Zoltán BalázsExploration of political values and their relations to moral values such as fairness, justice, equality and inequality, moderation, dignityThe political theory of governing: separation of powers, constraints of governments/states, rule of law, constitutionalityProblems of power (concepts, interpretations, empirical research possibilities)
Zsolt BodaUnderstanding the drivers of policy changeTrust, legitimacy and the effectiveness of policies
Balázs DobosNation-building, minority politics, ethnopolitical conflictsTheories of nationalism and multiculturalism
József DúróEurospecticism Populism Political Systems of V4 Countries
György GajduschekInstitutional approach to the Executive / Public AdministrationPolicy analysisLaw and government; Law and policy
Sándor GallaiGovernance and politics in East Central Europe Migration Politics and public policy in Hungary
Péter GedeonCapitalism and Democracy
György HajnalAdministrative reforms at the central, territorial and local government levels – a comparative perspectivePolicy formulation, implementation and the use of impact assessment – a comparative perspectiveManaging performance and performance management in public sector organizations – a comparative perspective
Gabriella Ilonszki(Re)Constructing RepresentationOpposition Parties in New Roles?What do Women Represent?
Balázs KissPolitical communication in Hungary, 1990-2015
András KörösényiRepresentation, democracy, accountabilityPolitical leadership, manipulation in democratic and/or authoritarian electoral regimesRegime types
Károly MikeCollective action and self-organisationMichael Polanyi and ‘intellectual orders’Public choice and institutional economics applied to politics
Zsófia PappEmpirical research on democratic representation; parliamentary activities
Zoltán Gábor SzűcsPolitical Realism and Moralism
Gábor ToronyaiThe Political Liberalism of John RawlsNietzsche’s Political Philosophy
Gábor TörökPolitics and media, political agenda, agenda-settingThe regime change and the post-1990 Hungarian political historyHungarian Political System
Éva VányiGovernment and public administration in Central EuropeCivic education, Education policy
Réka VárnagyThe structure and functioning of Hungarian PartiesThe structure and functioning of the Hungarian Parliament
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