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The application criteria as well as the general rules of the admission procedure (including the list of documents to be submitted) are listed in
Section 14 of the University Doctoral Regulations, which is available here:
Please look for the file „Regulation on Doctoral Studies_2020”

The admission decision is based on the preliminary evaluation of the submitted application materials and the result of the oral exam.

Main evaluation criteria of the submitted materials: examination grades of the subjects within the scope of the given discipline, the topic and evaluation of the degree thesis, the scientific activity (e.g. Student’s Scholarly Circles), maturity of the research proposal.

Requirements of the research plan:

– Title
– Aims and objectives
– The relevance of the topic, a review of the related literature
– Outlines of the planned research:
         problem statement, the
         applicant’s approach and methodology timeline and feasibility
– Bibliography

Length: 10-15 pages (bibliography included)

The oral exam is held to evaluate the applicant’s intellectual capacity and suitability for scientific work. In addition, if the candidate does not have an English language certificate, the committee will check the candidate’s English language skills during the oral interview as well.

In the 2021 admission period, the oral exam will take place on via microsoft teams.

Scoring rules:

· Past professional achievements, former research activity, individual accomplishments, qualifications: maximum 40 points
· Written research plan and motivation letter: maximum 20 points
· Oral part: maximum 40 points.

The Admission Committee reviews the results and formulates its proposal for the University Doctoral Council, ensuring an appropriate number of applicants for each programme.

We plan to enroll 5-10 people per year in the Doctoral Program in Economics.
We plan to enroll 8-15 people per year in the Doctoral Program in Business Informatics.

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