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Student life

Explore how student life is at Corvinus.

At Corvinus, we strive to integrate the emerging business community of Budapest and our international student body. Check out the various student organizations around campus and in the community. Housing accommodation is also a major concern for most students, both international and domestic. Corvinus aims to prepare incoming students with the necessary resources to find housing accommodations. Lastly, what is student life without the social community? Corvinus fosters building networks and relationships that each student can carry throughout their academic life and beyond.

In Budapest all the conditions are present for spending memorable university years: food, drink, quality rest and parties. Striking the right balance between recreation and professional opportunities does not pose any difficulties, since the city’s dynamic economy and its role in scientific and cultural life offer us many ways to keep busy.

As a university student, it is virtually impossible to get bored in Budapest, the main challenge is rather to choose among the huge selection of programmes (university students are offered discounts by several institutions). Although the pandemic does not allow us to entertain ourselves the usual way, it is still recommendable to know the options the capital city offers.

Besides studying and partying, it is also important to think about recreation, something that is difficult to neglect in Budapest. Only a few major cities of the world boast hiking areas that are so easily accessible by bus from the city centre, just to mention the hiking trails and the famous spots of the Buda Hills.

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