Széchenyi 2020
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Renewal Projects

ProjectProject leader
Education Development ProjectLajos Szabó, Vice-Rector For Education
Helga Habis, Dean
Péter Fehér, Dean
Richárd Szántó Dean
Research and Development ProjectGyula Vastag, Vice-Rector For Research
Faculty Development ProjectLászló Csicsmann, Vice-Rector For Faculty
HR and Organisational Development ProjectZsuzsanna Arnold Csentericsné, Head of HR
Márton Barta, Head of Strategy
Student Services Development ProjectPéter Major, Head of Student Services
International Relations Development ProjectZoltán Szántó, Head of International Relations and Accreditations
Corporate and Institutional Relations Development ProjectTamás Stukovszky, Head of Corporate and Institutional Relations
Internal Services Development ProjectGábor Czinderi, Head of Infrastructure
Andrea Skaliczky, Head of Labour Services
Ildikó Such, Head of Finance
Communication Development ProjectKata Apáti-Tóth, Head of Communication
Jurisdiction / Decision Making OrderBarbara Bíró, Head of Legal Affairs
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