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Communication Science Doctoral Program

Comprehensive exam

Komplex vizsga 2021 / Comprehensive exam 2021

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Nemzetközi folyóiratlista 2021 / International list of journals 2021
Hazai folyóiratlista 2021 / Domestic list of journals 2021

Information for 4th year students

All students who succeeded in passing their comprehensive examination in 2019 are required to: 

1, prepare and submit their thesis proposal meeting all requirements concerning form and content until 16 March 2021 at the doctoral school assistants and defend it publicly until 30 June 2021 at the latest. A successful thesis proposal defence is worth 0-20 credits based on the decision of the evaluation committee. In case the thesis proposal is submitted between 16 March 2021 and 15 June 2021 the thesis propasal defence cannot be realized prior to the completion of one’s PhD education consequently the possibility of obtaining the above-mentioned maximum 20 credits is lost. In need of additional credits publication or teaching credits may be used up to 20 credits altogether to make up the difference. 

2, obtain the absolutorium until 30 June 2021 which is subject to collecting 240 credits – in accordance with the approppriate proportion of credits mentioned in the regulations of the relevant doctoral school – being an essential condition to finish doctoral studies. Any credit deficit on 30 June 2021 means automatic termination of doctoral studies. 

3, submit their final dissertation till 15 September 2022 at the latest unless they want to passivize. It is possible to have maximum 2 passive semesters which must be indicated during fall and spring enrollment periods. The final deadline for submitting a final dissertation may be extended by additional 2 semesters in cases of special equity such as accidents, delivery, serious health conditions etc. 

4, Those possessing the 240 credits along with the absolutorium will keep their student status until 31 August 2021 (which may be important in connection with visas and student cards). Students with a state scholarship are entitled to be transferred the amount of scholarship till 31 August 2022. 

5, In case one cannot meet the requirements of the Doctoral Regulations of the University mentioned above it is worth considering the possibility of having one/two passive semester(s) prior to registration. While having a passive status in Neptun payment of the amount of state scholarship as well as the obligation to pay tuition-fee is suspended. 

Please consult your supervisor on details.

Sociology Doctoral Program

Publication requirements and credit system (starting from 2019)
Publication requirements for students who began the doctoral studies in 2016 or later
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