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Education Development Project

Leader: Réka Vas, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs

Within the framework of the Education Development Project, the bachelor, master and postgraduate programme portfolio offered by the University will be renewed by launching new degree programmes and transforming the existing ones. The profession renewal programme takes place in a learning outcome-based approach, with a key element incorporating feedback from students, former students and the labour market.

In the first step, Corvinus initiates the establishment and launch of Politics, Philosophy, Economics, Business Data Science degree programme in bachelor programme; International Development, Political Economy, Behaviour Analysis, and at the postgraduate level further training in Project Management academic specialisation in master’s programme.

Degree programmes launched from September 2020 with a renewed format and content:

  • Applied Economics bachelor programme
  • International Business Management bachelor programme
  • Economic Analysis master’s degree
  • Executive MBA academic specialisation further training

Degree programmes renewed from September 2021:

  • Business and Management bachelor programme
  • Business IT bachelor programme
  • Finance-Accounting bachelor programme
  • Master’s degree in Management
  • Master’s degree in Enterprise Development
  • Master’s degree in Marketing
  • Master’s degree in International Economics and Management
  • International Project Management academic specialisation further training (In English) – NEW degree programme
  • Data-Driven Supply Chain Management academic specialisation further training – NEW degree programme

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