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HR and Organisational Development Project

Leader: Zsuzsanna Arnold Csentericsné, Head of HR

Within the framework of the project, the strategic management framework, recruitment, performance development, and training and development system of the University will be renewed. As one of the first steps after the transformation, the University abolished the faculty structure and created a system of institutes under central management. This allows the organisation to operate more efficiently and faster and to respond more quickly to market needs. In the two years since the model change, Corvinus has created a performance and remuneration system for its staff and faculty that encourages change.

In 2020 and 2021, Corvinus employees will benefit from an average increase of 38% in total income. The primary objective in introducing the performance development system was to provide the University with the right framework and support for the continuous development of our academic and background colleagues. Corvinus expects all colleagues to continuously educate themselves, to actively participate in the work of their immediate team, and to consciously contribute to the continuous improvement of the University’s national and international reputation.

Project related news

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