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For students

Dear Users,

The infrastructure for distance education is under continuous development for an even better user experience.

Here you can find all the user guides available. They are also constantly improving based on the experiences and your feedback.

If you have any questions or comments, please write to helpdesk(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu .

Please check back to our website for updated information. 
The version numbers and the dates of the last modification in brackets inform you about possible changes in the guides.


TEAMS – Students FAQ ver:2.0 (25 March)

1.    What is Microsoft Teams?
1.1.    What do I need if I want to use it?
1.1.1.    I have Windows 7/Vista/XP on my laptop. Can I use Teams desktop application?
1.1.2.    Do I need BCE VPN connection to be able to use is?
1.2.    How can I access Teams?
1.2.1.    Client types – Desktop client 
1.2.2.    Client types – Web browser
1.2.3.    Client types – smart device applications
1.3.    How shall I install Teams onto my computer/laptop?
2.    What can I use Teams for?
2.1.    I am signed in to my Teams account. What do I see?
2.1.1.    I have a course I cannot find among my groups. What shall I do?
2.1.2.    Can I create my own groups?
2.1.3.    The course is open. What can I do here?
3.    About video calls in general
3.1.    Microphone and camera
3.2.    Sharing the screen
3.3.    Chatting while video call is going
3.4.    Scheduled video-call
4.    Can the call be recorded?
5.    One-to-one contact

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