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Social and economic transformation in Central Eastern Europe


The primary objective of our research centre is to establish an organisational framework for the implementation and utilisation of the Horizon-2020 tenders awarded by the Department of World Economy to study social and economic policy in CEE.

POPREBEL and FATIGUE – research projects

The projects are two large, multi-disciplinary research supported by the Horizon 2020 funding scheme of the European Commission. The aim of the study is taking stock of the recent rise of populism – in its various forms – in Central and Eastern Europe. An international consortium of six universities and Edgeryders, a social enterprise doing research on and through collective intelligence, is led by UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. Our analyses intend to describe the rise of populism, create a typology of its various manifestations, investigate its causes, interpret its meanings, diagnose its consequences and propose policy solutions. Our focus is on the CEE region, but we engage in comparisons with populisms in other parts of the world, particularly Western Europe.

Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center


European Policy Analysis8(1), 109-123.Environment & Responsibility 31(2): 386-397.

Benczes, I., & Szabó, K. (2023). An economic understanding of populism: A conceptual framework of the demand and the supply side of populism.

Political Studies Review21(4), 680-696.

Corvinus University of Budapest


We publish up to date info and blog on Populism in Central and Eastern Europe: FATIGUE and POPREBEL at: https://populism-europe.com/

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With University College London – School of Slavonic and East European Studies

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