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Log out with the help of Makerspace workshops

2024-05-06 16:05:00

On 19 April, students from the MBA programme took part in a new Makerspace workshop, where they had to solve complex problems using the Micro:bit program and a chip connected to laptops.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The new creative community space on Gellért Campus is open to anyone, whether working individually or in a group. Executive MBA students also tried out the Makerspace’s wearable intelligence workshop in several groups.   

To make programming easier, this software created pre-written commands for the students, which they had to insert one after the other to get the command right. The different levels of difficulty allow participants to acquire digital skills that they can use later in their studies. The coding and micro-control tasks encourage participants to concentrate on their own work, while getting expert help in the creation process.   

In addition to being fun, Makerspace workshops have many benefits for academic studies. The immersive process of creative work has been proven to reduce stress and develop creativity.   

You can register now for 16 Makerspace workshops on this site 

To find out more about the Executive MBA, click here! 

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