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Csaba Csáki’s Report on 22nd Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research

The 22nd Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research was organized virtually in Omaha, Nebraska, USA between 9 and 11 of July 2021. Corvinus Associate Professor Csaba Csáki attended the conference owned and run by the Digital Government Society (
Csáki Csaba_conference

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event took place online using the discord, Zoom, and tools. Videos were shared over the discord server and that is where information was constantly distributed about organizing the event, while live presentations were delivered using Zoom, finally the platform was used for ‘socializing’.  

There were 15 tracks covering topics such as public sector IT, open data, AI in government or legal and organizational issues of digitalization of the public sphere. There was a PhD colloquium organized the day before the main conference started. There were appr. 150 papers submitted which, after blind reviews and selections, lead to more than 60 presentations, 6 panels, and close to 20 posters.  

I had a paper accepted, which was written with my former PhD student and I also served on the scientific committee reviewing a few papers. The title of our presentation was „BOLD in national budget planning – a comparison of international cases”.  

Links to conference, and to proceedings: (ISBN: 978-1-4503-8492-6 – for fee access).   

Further information:  


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