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103 New Students Testify to Corvinus Doctoral Program’s Extreme Popularity

Following an outstandingly successful communication campaign and recruitment process through which we learnt about the talents of many promising applicants, in September 2021, 103 first-year doctoral students will begin their studies at Corvinus Doctoral Schools.
Corvinus Ambassador

Out of the 103 newly admitted doctoral students, 77 were enrolled in the so-called academic track and 26 in the so-called expert track. Thanks to the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, 64 Hungarian state scholarship holders were able to enter the doctoral program, 26 of whom also won the Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship, so they receive twice the amount of the Hungarian state scholarship in the first year of their studies and, if they perform well, they will receive priority support throughout their training. Among the first-year doctoral students, 24 foreign citizens can study at Corvinus thanks to the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program. 

Number of first year doctoral students enrolled in Corvinus Doctoral Schools (persons) 

 Doctoral School of Business and Management Doctoral School of Economics, Business and Informatics Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science Doctoral School of Sociology and Communication Science Total 
Total 36 25 31 11 103 
Hungarian State Scholarship 20 18 16 10 64 
Corvinus Doctoral Scholarship 26 
Fee-paying 15 
Stipendium Hungaricum 10 24 

Source: University Doctoral Office (20210910) 

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