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For community partners

  • Is your NGO / social enterprise facing a challenge that would benefit from professional feedback or help from university students of the given field? 
  • Do you want to get an insight into your field of work that needs large-scale research? 
  • Would you like to raise awareness and promote the topic of your NGO / social enterprise among university students? 
  • Would you like to cooperate with the university on a shorter or longer term? 

The Corvinus Science Shop (CSS) receives questions and dilemmas from non-governmental organizations, communities, and nonprofits, which can be answered within the frame of university education and research. It connects organizations with the university, helps to formulate the project questions and provides a framework for cooperation. For example, it monitors and clarifies the process, provides help with clarifying and documenting the tasks and stakeholder expectations, provides assessment assistance, and maintains ongoing contact with faculty, students, and the community partners. CSS participates in communication between the parties and helps to avoid misunderstandings. 
In addition to these, CSS collaborates with community partners in many forms, and regularly organizes workshops where, civil society organizations can meet not only university colleagues but also build relationships with one another.

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