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The Science Shop Team

Judit Gáspár – Founder, CSS Team Member

I have been working at the University for seventeenyears and in my research and teaching practice I havebecome more and more aware of our responsibilitiesfor ourselves and for the world, our ecological and socialenvironment. How can we act and make decisionsnow in a responsible, honest and conscious way in orderto create a better future? These thoughts, goals,and desires are institutionalized and embodied by theCorvinus Science Shop aiming to build a communitythat strengthens and inspires its members.

Réka Matolay – Founder, Strategic Leader, CSS Team Member

Matolay Réka Rektori Szervezet / Vállalkozás és Innováció Intézet / Innováció és Üzleti Inkubáció Tanszék
Egyetemi docens / Associate Professor
E épület, 27, 128
Phone: +36 1 482 5554, +36 1 482 5311 • Ext: 5311, 5554

In my courses on Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainabilityand Decision Making my teaching – and mycontinuous learning – focuses on active participationand active problem solving. This is taken to a anotherlevel in the science shop, which provides an opportunityfor students and educators, alike, to participateactively in problem solving and research with andfor society in all courses of the Business School. Thescience shop offers a platform for open-minded classprojects, cross-sectoral encounters, and immediatepositive social impact over the learning process itself.

Andrea Toarniczky – Founder, CSS Team Member

Toarniczky Andrea Rektori Szervezet / Vezetéstudományi Intézet / Szervezeti Magatartás és Emberi Erőforrásfejl.Tsz
Egyetemi Docens / Associate Professor
E épület, 383
Phone: +36 1 482 5121 • Ext: 5121

I am teaching and doing research at the Departmentof Organizational Behaviour on Diversity Management,Organizational Culture and ProfessionalIdentity Development. The purpose of my workas a teacher, researcher and Corvinus Science Shopteam member is to develop the individual’s sense ofresponsibility for himself and his community. Fromthe start, Corvinus Science Shop is a constant inspirationand responsibility, with the aim to bring theCSS approach as close as possible to educational andresearch practices in collaboration with colleagues,students and civil society organizations.

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