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Concept of ERS Hub operation

  • ERS Hub – activities
    • ERS initiatives
    • ERS actions
    • ERS projects

  • ERS Hub – operation
    • ERS Steering committee
    • ERS circle of experts
    • ERS Agora

  • Application to be an ERS expert
  • Application to be an ERS volunteer
  • Announcement of an ERS initiative

Steering Committee (hereafter SC)

Has seven permanent members and is supplemented by a three non-voting colleagues who supports its operation. Its work is coordinated by a president. The members and the president are appointed by the vice rector for academic development, who also supervises the operations of the ERS Hub. The SC decides whether incoming initiatives are accepted as actions or projects. In the case of actions, it appoints experts, while in the case of projects, a project manager as well as experts, while supporting and monitoring the implementation of the actions and projects. The SC meets once a month.

Circle of experts

A community of university lecturers and researchers invited by the SC or applying through the website, who take on roles as project managers and/or experts in the implementation of actions and projects, as a service-type performance improvement bonus goal.


University citizens who participate in the implementation of actions and projects of the ERS Hub.

ERS Agora

A half-day forum and brainstorming session / workshop convened and supported by the SC once every semester, to which all university citizens are invited and are given the opportunity to voice opinions. At Agora, there is an opportunity to listen to reports on past and ongoing actions and projects, as well as to present new initiatives. In addition, any university citizen can submit new initiatives nt he website at any time.

ERS initiatives

Ideas as well as potential actions and projects initiated through the Agora or the website.

ERS action

A specific short-term activity aimed at achieving a given ERS goal, which is supported by the SC with experts and student volunteers.

ERS project

A longer-term program involving multiple actions, which the SC supports with a project manager as well as experts and student volunteers.

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