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The goal of the research center is to investigate issues related to the management of information resources: what and how business organizations use IT to support their current operations, how they organize and manage the specialist area responsible for this, and how IT is used to transform their processes. Our mission is to be among the first to study the possibilities of using new technologies and to present the results to the domestic academic sphere and practicing managers on business model and strategy for digital transformation.

Organizations and leaders in future – project

The aim of our research was to assess the extent to which the international recommendations regarding the data-driven organization and leader of the future can be seen in the practice of larger domestic enterprises, and how the managers of the enterprises think about these issues. Through our questions we present new opportunities and cutting-edge solutions, manager trainings in a good sense, to “steer” domestic leaders towards future-proof solutions.

The subject of the investigation was those registered social enterprises employing 50 or more people and having an annual turnover of at least 100 million HUF. The respondents were the senior managers of the enterprises. The method of sampling was stratified random sampling, taking into account specific quotas (representativeness criteria are company size, industry, region, and revenue class). We compiled the analysed the survey results.

We concluded that, Hungarian leaders only have a partial idea of ​​the radically new characteristics of the future organization. For them, the leader of the future is still more of a “lone hero” than a digitally trained team member who inspires others. As a result, we receive more and more invitations to hold presentations and, in the case of specific businesses, to develop specific proposals.

Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center


We provide recommendations for domestic senior managers: to (1) let fellow managers train themselves in the topic of the organization of the future and the leader of the future, (2) give more authority to direct work supervisors and groups with mixed composition, (3) Put more emphasis on the fact that their managers have advanced digital skills and become real team members who are both capable and willing to cooperate intensively, (4) consciously educate a new generation of leaders, (5) preparation for the future should not be carried out in the form of ad hoc individual actions, but on the basis of a carefully planned multi-year program, (6) use the help of experts dealing with the topic both scientifically and in practice!

Our detailed reports on our research results were announced at a press conference this spring and generated 60+ press appearances (TV, radio, online, print).

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