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Insurance Education and Research Group


Our research has previously encompassed various aspects of social and business insurance, including health insurance models and the use of generalized linear models in premium calculation. In recent years, our focus has shifted to pension modeling. We are investigating improvements in mortality rates and their stalling during Covid-19. We model individual account systems that promote self-provisioning. Additionally, we analyze the life prospects and increasing life expectancy of the elderly in Europe.

The need for new models

„In recent years, improvements in mortality rates in developed countries have significantly exceeded the projections of mortality models, necessitating the development of new models and methods for accurate forecasting.”

Insurance Education and Research Group

Corvinus University of Budapest


Head of Research Center


“Our research is conducted to investigate state pension expectations and certain aspects (…)


“ Human mortality tends to decline in the long run, which is fortunate for humans (…)”



The need for reforming the social security pension system is increasingly discussed, as existing studies suggest the current pay-as-you-go system is sustainable only until 2035.


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MÁK, MABISZ, University of Leicester

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