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Wearing a face mask is once again mandatory at Corvinus

2021-11-05 13:36:51

With regard to the rise in new coronavirus cases in Hungary wearing a mask is once again mandatory from Monday, 8 November in all areas.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Exemptions from wearing face masks for:

  • professors and external lecturers teaching a lesson
  • participants in PE classes currently exercising
  • employees of the university working in their own office.

The current measures can be found on the University’s website, under the Coronavirus information section.

University Citizens are asked to report any suspected or confirmed coronavirus infections to coronavirusinfo@uni-corvinus.hu, so that the University administration can continuously monitor the changes in the infection level in the institution and decide on the necessary protective measures in a short time. The same e-mail address can also be used to request information on what to do (e.g. necessary certificates, following the curriculum) in case of possible or confirmed infection.

We ask the University Citizens to help to protect effectively against the epidemic and to avoid unnecessary risks by behaving responsibly and setting a personal example. Let us all protect our university community, ourselves, our families and our wider environment!

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