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Travel Live Streaming, slow tourism, cryptocurrency in tourism – Tourism Bulletin 24/2. is published

2024-06-25 12:20:00

The cover of the second issue of Tourism Bulletin 2024, just published with full of content. In the spirit of internationalisation, articles have now been published in English.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Studies published in the current issue: 

  • Sadh Sathawattey – Petra Gyurácz-Németh: Measuring service quality: perceptions of employees in the hotel industry during the Covid19 pandemic in Hungary 
  • Mo Fan – Ágnes Raffay-Danyi: New way to travel: Travel Live Streaming 
  • Nagy Dávid – Egedy Tamás: The lack of public toilets in Budapest and its impact on tourism 
  • Kundi Viktória – Kupi Marcell – Szabó Tamás: Examining the impact of cryptocurrency on the dynamics of tourism: legal insights from Spain, France, Croatia and the Netherlands 

Workshop papers published in the current issue: 

  • Gyurkó Ádám – Gonda Tibor: The regional situation and performance evaluation of tourism development in the Pécs-Villány tourism area 
  • Vargáné Gálicz Ivett – Dávid Lóránt Dénes: A model for implementing slow tourism based on the example of Sarud Experience Village 


The full issue is available on the Corvinus Mobility and Tourism Centre’s website. 

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