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The latest issue of Budapest Management Review, May 2023

2023-05-16 15:35:29

The monthly published Budapest Management Review is one of the most significant journals in the field of business, management, and organizational studies in Hungary, with a history of more than 50 years.

It is a general management journal, which includes studies on different aspects of organizations: structure, processes, and performance, and equally on cultural, behavioural, and technological subjects. Multidisciplinary research is highly valued and papers that draw on the perspective and theoretical background of sociology, psychology, economics, political science, or communicational studies – apart from that of business, management and organization science are also appreciated. 


Contents of the current issue (Volume LIV, Issue 5): 


– Máté Repisky 

A categorization of the consequences of entrepreneurial failure – Validated in Hungary 


The research shows the consequences of entrepreneurial failure can be categorized into six groups (and twenty-four sub-groups): financial, psychological, social, professional, legal and physiological consequences. During the analysis, potential connections between categories of consequences and the identification of root consequences are also presented. 


– Xueyan Li – Henriett Primecz – Anna Laura Paget 

Understanding the early career self-initiated expatriation – A review and directions for future research 


This review article aims to identify and analyse publications that uniquely focus on self-initiated expatriates, who decide to start their career abroad, either with little or no prior work experience. After identifying relevant publications in this specific research field, the authors discuss the personal career motivations and behaviours of early career self-initiated expatriates and the relevance of this phenomenon for the global workforce. 


– Cserna Panka Póta – Patrícia Becsky-Nagy 

Disruptive solutions for fintechs and their risks – Hungarian case studies 


The aim of this research is to explore what disruptive solutions and business models are applied by the companies studied and what new potential risks they pose. 


– Gavkhar Turaeva 

The value of leadership in small enterprises from their employees’ perspective 


The findings of this paper revealed several relevant qualities of small business leadership, especially restaurants, such as respect, compassion, effective communication, experience, and good organization. 


– Balázs Herczeg – Éva Pintér – Péter Bagó 

How green and digital transformation shapes industries – Twin transition to a green and digital future 


In this article the authors provide a targeted multidisciplinary and horizontal overview of the extensive yet diverse and fragmented literature on digital transformation, clarifying the boundary conditions for investigating the phenomenon from the point of view of GreenTech and sustainability.   


– Tumentsetseg Enkhjav – Erika Varga 

Analysis of the most common human resource competency models that need to be updated 


In this study the authors show that digital skills, HR analytics, HR relations, and entrepreneurship skills are advised to take into account when developing a local HR competency model as firms are restructuring to fit the current virtual and technologically oriented business environment. 


The full contents of the journal are available online at the Budapest Management Review’s website. The website also provides information about the submission process and author guidelines. It publishes papers that present empirical findings and contribute to the development of theories in the field. 

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