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One-month trial access to Writefull 

2022-04-11 11:43:47

Corvinus has been granted a one-month free trial to Writefull, an IA-based proofreader service for thesis and research papers.

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Writefull offers 4 different tools to improve your papers: Writefull for Word, Writefull for Overleaf Writefull Revise, Writefull Cite to check the correctness of citations. The trial starts on 7 April and ends on 6 May. 

This means all students and staff with the university email domains will have full (Premium) access to Writefull for Word, Writefull for Overleaf, Writefull Revise, and Writefull Cite for one month. 

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Klára Major Head of Institute at major@uni-corvinus.hu  

The detailed instructions can be found here

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