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Lajos Szabó: “Life on campus is getting livelier and livelier, the students really like it”

2024-03-12 08:24:00

In a radio interview, acting rector presented the Gellért campus and also talked about his expectations regarding this year's applicants.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

“The Gellért campus is the house of the four I’s: inspiration, innovation, integration and interaction”, said Lajos Szabó, acting rector, in an interview with Jazzy Radio on 8 March. He recalled that when they started the design process together with the Maecenas Universitatis Corvini Foundation, they had two main objectives: to have creative and community spaces on campus and to have a sustainable building, especially since Corvinus teaches and researches sustainability, has a Sustainable Development Institute and a research group on the subject. According to the acting rector, life on campus is getting livelier and livelier, and people love it. He noted that they are also collecting feedback from students and lecturers on first impressions. 

In the discussion, it was said that a modern infrastructure is also an important factor in gaining international accreditations and indirectly contributes to good international rankings as well. Lajos Szabó stressed that the foundation has spent nearly HUF 40 billion on infrastructure and digital-technical developments in the last four years, which is important because it creates the basic conditions for education and research.  

With better infrastructure and better tools to support education, they can deliver higher quality education and research. 

Lajos Szabó expects the number of first-place applicants to increase again this year, even if 9 of the 10 highest scores of undergraduate courses were previously the ones at Corvinus.  

The full interview can be heard here (in Hungarian). 

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