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Extended application deadline for international opportunities

2021-11-17 11:07:28

Apply until 26th November to our Erasmus+, Double Degree and CEMS programs!

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

With these grants, you may gain international experiences and advantages on the labour market, extend your horizon, deepen your professional skills and build international connections, which you can use later in your career.

Deadline of application for all three calls: 26 November 2021. Click here for detailed information!

International partial trainings

Erasmus+ is a mobility programme financed by the European Union. The main objectives include the development of key competencies and skills, and the promotion of language learning. Since its start, it has supported more than four million students in collecting international experiences. Every year, approx. 500-600 students travel to foreign universities from the Corvinus, and we receive about the same number of students.

Bilateral programmes

Corvinus has outstanding, internationally recognized partner universities not only in countries covered by Erasmus+ but also in the whole word. This gives you the opportunity to study not only in Europe, but even in Australia, the USA or Brazil. There is currently no Erasmus+ scholarship to cover the costs of the grant, so we will provide information on possible financing opportunities in the future.

For whom are these programmes intended?
You may apply either as an undergraduate or graduate student, already in your first semester, as a doctoral student in your third semester!

Why should you apply?
Under the Erasmus+ programme, you study in one of our internationally recognized partner universities a guest student, and on your return, your Hungarian university recognises the credits you earned abroad – these are credits you could have earned at home, too. If you choose the university well, you can complete compulsory and compulsory elective subjects during your mobility. During the semester abroad, you can improve your language skills, collect useful professional and cultural experiences and extend your social network.

Where to apply?
You may apply for these partial trainings in the MOBility Manager system.

Our Double Degree Programmes allow you to complete a training programme offered by a foreign partner institution in parallel with a training programme at the Corvinus, and this way you can obtain two degrees at a time.

Depending on the programme, you may spend certain semesters abroad, where you have to complete given subjects by the partner university. The programme takes less time than doing the two programmes separately at the two universities.

For whom are these programmes intended?

As an undergraduate student, you can apply for our Double Degree programme in your second year, and you may spend your 3rd year at the partner university. In the case of a master’s programme, you should apply in the 1st year, so that you could spend the 2nd year abroad.

You might as well do the Double Degree twice! If you liked the Double Degree programme during your bachelor programme, you can apply for it during your master programme, too!

Why should you apply?
Under the Double Degree programme, you complete the programmes of two universities at the same time, therefore you will receive two separate but equivalent degrees from the two institutions. This way the participants of the Double Degree programme will have a significant advantage on the labour market, as a degree from a renowned international university proves not only your confident language skills, but your knowledge about the economy, society and culture of a given country, too.

Where to apply?
You have to register in the MOBility Manager system by submitting an application, and that is when you should submit all the documents and certificates.

The CEMS Alliance (The Global Alliance in Management Education, earlier Community of European Management Schools) is an international cooperation of universities, multinational companies and civil organisations, in which Corvinus is the only Hungarian member.

The objective of the CEMS MIM programme is to train international professionals who find innovative solutions to business problems. You will spend half of the one-year programme at the Corvinus, and the other half at a foreign partner university, and internship abroad is mandatory. During the programme you will get in touch with CEMS corporate partners, so you can finish the programme with up-to-date knowledge and an extensive social network. At the end of the programme, in addition to the Corvinus degree, you will get the Master’s in International Management degree of the CEMS Alliance, too.

According to the Financial Times, a degree extended with a CEMS training will facilitate a 40% higher wage, and it is guaranteed that you will find a job faster.

For whom are these programmes intended?
For the one-year programme, the participants of business master programmes may apply, with an advanced level English language examination and a bachelor degree of at least 3.5 grade.

Why should you apply?
97 per cent of people with CEMS degrees will be able to find a job within 3 months. At the same time, it does not mean a domestic career only, as 82 per cent of the CEMS Alumni worked abroad in several countries.

Another benefit is international networking. Students graduating from the CEMS can be found in 75 countries of the world, and the community is active after graduation, too. More than 70 multinational companies belong to the CEMS corporate partners, and they are happy to employ CEMS students. The home and the away semesters have been designed jointly with the companies, and the Alumni mentorship programme facilitates that students can find a job abroad.

Where to apply?
You can apply in the CEMS database, you have to upload the documents and certificates here. In addition, you should apply in the MOBility system, too, where you should select the CEMS MIM.

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