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Everything you need to know about cross semester applications

2020-11-02 08:06:37

How do I apply for a master’s course if I don’t want to wait until September?

Live and learn – says a proverb. What are your options if you want to study further in February? What is a the cross-semester application process? We will help you navigate the application ‘maze’. Here are the most important dates, documents and information to enter the university building as a master’s student in February.


What is a cross semester degree programme?
Cross-semester courses begin in February and usually require applications in November. This can be a good choice for you if the number of semesters in your bachelor programme was an odd number. So, for example, if you have completed your bachelor programme in 3.5 years with your internship, you can continue your studies without missing a single semester. Also, of course, it is also good if you’ve graduated before, but you don’t wish to wait until September to continue.

What degree programmes will start?
The number and type of programmes started depends largely on the university, but usually fewer courses are advertised than in the case of ordinary applications. Corvinus University starts the master course International Taxation in English for non-Hungarian students. 

You can select up to six places in one application, three of which are free of charge. However, the good news is that if you mark the same institution, the same programme (where the language, level of education, work schedule and place of training are the same), only the funding is different, it counts as one application.

You can submit the application online through Felvi.hu online, in the e-admission system. The deadline for submitting application forms and paying the procedure fee is November 15. If you then obtain a required document, you have until 11 January to upload it. In this procedure, you can only apply to Corvinus for a master’s degree.

How does the authentication work?
You can obtain authentication through the citizen portal. You can identify yourself with the authentication function on the E-admission interface and by logging in to the two systems simultaneously. You will also receive an email about this, and if everything is OK, authentication will occur automatically. If you wish to revoke a previous successful authentication before the application deadline, you will need to re-authenticate for your new application to be valid. How many points do you have to score?

The minimum score determined by law in the case of a master’s degree is 50 points in the 100-point system. However, the actual admission point limit depends largely on the admission score of applicants for a given programme, the order of application and the number of capacities. This is the basis for the classification and admission decision.

International taxation in English, correspondence programme:

  • based on the grade of the diploma: 20 points
  • professional and motivational discussion: 70 points
  • extra points: 10 points
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