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Corvinus staff members can also use the KSH (Central Statistical Office) research room

2023-12-04 14:45:00

The possibility of cooperation with the KRTK has been extended, and colleagues can also use the KSH-KRTK Research Room.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The cooperation between Corvinus and the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (KRTK) was launched in 2021 and has been now extended with the possibility to use the KSH-KRTK Research Room. The basic condition for this is that a Corvinus researcher starts a project in collaboration with a KRTK researcher. Those who are interested can find further details (available datasets, information, ongoing projects), on the link below. If you want to start a project, please write to kutatoszoba@krtk.hu, to the KRTK Data Bank. 

The original collaboration provided the Corvinus community with access to research based on the infrastructure and data of the KRTK Data Bank. The Data Bank maintains, cleans, harmonises and makes available to its partners the data asset it accumulates, as set out in its policies and bilateral agreements. Detailed information on the content of the databases and how to access them can be found in the Library website. 

University Library 

About the research room: 

On 1 February 2018, Hungary’s first Research Room outside the business premises of the KSH (Central Statistical Office) opened at the registered seat of the KRTK. Researchers can use complete, connectable datasets of individual and corporate data going back to 1970, with remote control. The data are provided by the KSH (Central Statistical Office), the programs are run on servers owned by the KRTK and located in the main building of the KSH. 

The Research Room is a major step forward on the road to modern social science research. The system, developed jointly with the KSH, is not only unique in the region, but is also a world leader in terms of technical equipment, researchable data asset and access conditions. 


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