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Corvinus introduces its new Alumni Network

2021-09-08 14:27:41

Corvinus alumni can meet at a new community site
Corvinus Alumni angol

Our researches back up the fact that one of the advantages of Corvinus is social capital, which can be built here, in which we wish to support not only our present but also our former students. We have created a site, at which our former students can get in touch with each other. The site welcomes the Corvinus alumni not only with strong networking but also with many other useful functions.

You can register at the Corvinus Alumni site. Those joining us now can use the new community site, Corvinus Alumni Network, among the first, where one can not only contact the former student and lecturer community in addition to many common programmes and events but in addition to further knowledge and opportunities browsing job offers is also possible.

Why is it worth registering at Corvinus Alumni Network?


  • you can find your classmates, former lecturers you have not seen for a long time
  • you can participate in the life of the University: as a mentor or a participant, lecturer of university events
  • you can develop your knowledge and build your career: in addition to strong networking you can also find job offers
  • you can receive the news of your alma mater and the opportunities offered to former students immediately
  • you will not miss the long-awaited class reunions either
  • after leaving Budapest for your home country or other international career opportunity you can find fellow Corvinus alumni living nearby and you can turn to each other for help and support

What does Corvinus Alumni offer to you as a new graduate?

In addition to experiencing the strength of the community, you can also browse through job offers specifically for Corvinus graduates and receive career support for your professional development.

What can you receive as alumni if you finished Corvinus 2-3 years ago?

You can participate in programmes at reduced price, you can participate in webinars and live events, not only in Hungary but abroad, too. You can have tailor-made job offers and you can even participate in incubation programmes.

What does Corvinus Alumni community offer to you if you got your degree certificate years ago?

As a member of the community you can share your experiences gained in the course of your career with other former and present students, you can participate in the professional life of the university: as a guest lecturer and within the framework of corporate or research cooperation and you can develop your skills at exclusive events and trainings.

No matter which group you belong to, join our new community site to be in contact because Corvinus is a community for life, we will always belong together. Let us be the best even after the graduation.

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