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Commemoration of Professor Jenei’s Legacy in Public Affairs Research and Education

2024-05-09 11:16:00

Organised by the Department of Public Policy, the conference will commemorate the remarkable life and academic contributions of Professor Jenei, a distinguished scholar and cherished colleague who left an indelible mark on the study of public affairs and public policy. The conference will be held on 14 June in the Corvinus Faculty Club.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Professor Jenei, formerly the Head of the Department of Public Policy (formerly: Public Affairs, then Public Policy and Management) leaves behind a legacy of profound scholarship and unwavering dedication to his field. He was a respected figure in Public Policy and Management and a beloved member of the Hungarian academic community. Professor Jenei’s contributions were not only academic; his keen insights into Hungary’s historical context in Europe and his nuanced political visions, filled with both hope and occasional disappointment, profoundly influenced his students and peers. 

His strategic vision and tactical skills were impressive, indeed, but it was his empathy and social sensitivity that truly set him apart. Professor Jenei had a rare ability to understand and connect with others, making him a cherished leader, colleague, and mentor. Prof. Jenei’s unique, acerbic wisdom, based on a deep and diverse life experience, has not only helped him to better navigate the world, but has also served as a meaningful guide for generations of colleagues. His dedication to Europe and his leadership in Hungarian academia were unmistakable, marked by true generosity and willingness to help his young peers shine. 

One of Professor Jenei’s lasting achievements was recognizing Public Policy and Management as a crucial academic field. He played a central role in establishing what is known today as the Corvinus Department of Public Policy, a flagship academic unit in Hungary. His efforts didn’t stop at the national borders; he connected the Hungarian academic field with the international community, serving twice as president of NISPAcee and taking on significant roles in other international academic initiatives. 

In recognition of his contribution to Public Management Review, the Editorial Board and the Publishers of PMR have agreed to establish an Annual Prize – the Gyorgy Jenei Prize for the Best Non-Traditional Paper published in the journal each year. 

What truly made Professor Jenei special was his humility and his constant readiness to help others. His modesty, combined with a strong sense of civic duty, made a significant impact on generations of students and scholars. His colleagues and students will always remember him for his helpfulness and wisdom, which were as much a part of his legacy as his academic achievements. 

As we say goodbye to Professor Jenei, we reflect on a life well-lived. His work, his values, and his influence on public administration education will continue to inspire those who knew him and those who will come to know him through his legacy. 

Our thoughts go out to Professor Jenei’s family, friends, and everyone who was lucky enough to have been influenced by his work and his character. Let’s honour his memory by embracing the qualities he exemplified: kindness, understanding, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. 

To commemorate Professor Jenei and his legacy we schedule a celebration of life, through reflections on his impactful career, scholarly contributions and the personal memories that shaped the lives of many in Hungary and beyond. We welcome you to participate in this gathering to celebrate Professor Jenei’s enduring influence on academic scholarship and personal lives alike. 


Preliminary Programme 

10:00 – 12:00 

Welcome and introduction by prof. György Hajnal, Head of Department, Department of Public Policy, Corvinus University of Budapest 

  • Development of Public Policy education and research in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe by prof. György Hajnal, Head of Department, Department of Public Policy, Corvinus University of Budapest 
  • Converging on Public Affairs research and education: 30 years of the Leuven-Budapest collaboration (online commemoration by prof. em. dr. Geert Bouckaert, KU Leuven Public Governance Institute) 
  • “György Jenei – Academic and Political Memories”?  (online commemoration by Prof. Wolfgang Drechsler, Ragnar Nurkse Department, Taltech University, Tallinn, Estonia)  
  • Commemoration by Ludmila Gajdosova (NISPAcee executive director) 
  • Max Weber through the lens of Professor Jenei (prof. György Gajduschek, Department of Public Policy, Corvinus University of Budapest) 
  • Announcement of the “Jenei György Best Thesis Award”   
  • Memorial Tributes: Recitations of personal memories by past students and colleagues from both domestic and international backgrounds. We invite you to share your stories and reflections on how Professor Jenei touched your life. 

12:00 Reception 


An informal gathering and small reception to foster fellowship among attendees, encouraging continued conversations and shared memories of Professor Jenei. The final programme will be published on the Department’s website on 5 June. 

We hope you can join us in person or online in this heartfelt tribute to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Professor Jenei.  

Please RSVP by 30 May on this LINK  


Contact: Edit Waffenschmidt, email: edit.waffenschmidt@uni-corvinus.hu 

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